Shopping in Glastonbury

Glastonbury is one of the increasingly rare British towns where shoppers are not swamped by the large multinational businesses which have turned most other towns and city centres into clones of one another. With the exception of Woolworths, whose appearance on Glastonbury's High Street does somewhat spoil the look and feel of the place, the experience of shopping in Glastonbury does feel totally and genuinely unique and one can find items there which are rare, if not otherwise impossible, to source outside of the internet.

Perhaps understandably, given the area's reputation for powerful spiritual energies and the hippie-inspired origins of the World famous Glastonbury Festival, the main focus of the majority of Glastonbury's shops seems centred upon New Age and other esoteric interests. Whilst this common theme does engender a certain degree of similitude amongst the various vendors, there is enough distinct character between each store to keep visitors curious enough to want to explore most, if not all, of the shops in the town.

Presented below is just a little taster to whet your appetite as to what one can expect from the experience of shopping in one of the country's most unique towns:

Abbey Antiques
| Art of Africa | Bishopston Trading | Bodbam | Boots
Burns the Bread | Cat and Cauldron | Courtyard Books | The Crystal Man
Crystals | Debra Rose | Dicketts | Dilliway and Dilliway | D May
Dusty Attic Bears | Earth Fayre | Enchanted Florals | Enlightenment
Facets of Avalon | Faery Tales | The Glastonbury Abbey Shop
The Glastonbury Music Shop | The Goddess and the Green Man
Gothic Image | Growing Needs | Heartfelt Trading | Hemp in Avalon
Heritage Fine Foods | Labyrinth | Lilith | The Magic Box | Man, Myth and Magic
Margaret Kimber | Natural Earthling | Now That's Weird | The Psychic Piglet
Rowan Centre | Serendipity | The Speaking Tree | Spirit Visions | Star Child
Stone Age | Summer of Love | Venus | Whitehead News | Witchcraft Emporium
Witchcraft Limited | Whispered Wishes | W.J. Ayles & Son | Woolworths | Worn
Yin/Yang | Yvonne Anne

This 'Welcome to Glastonbury' Shopping Guide is a representative guide to the experience of shopping in Glastonbury and does not represent every shop that can be found in the town. Also, given the nature of the retail business, some of the shops detailed in this guide may have ceased trading and the appearance of shops/services on this website in no way guarantees the current existence of the business.